Cork 2005 – European Capital of Culture

Eye Try exhibition is open!
Variety of different approaches, dynamic installation, supported by contemporary VJ and DJ performance, marked the opening ceremony in Cork Vision Centre. By the visitors thinking, it is the best art presentation by now!
(Jelka Šutej Adamič, Delo, Culture, 07.04.2005)
Cork Vision Centre is open for public every Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 5pm / Admission free!
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Art is all around
When I visited Ireland for the first time, I was on the trip through the whole of Europe. I took a night train from Maribor to Ljubljana and an hour later I was on the Austrian border showing my passport. It was late April 2004 and Slovenia was not a member of the European Union yet. I underwent the
same procedure on the German border, when also a control by criminal police happened, but everything was fine; only my sleep was distracted. I must admit it was a very busy night. The song Trans Europe Express by Kraftwerk was echoing restlessly in my head.
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Intro (by Aleksandra Kostič)
The selection of works by Slovene artists at the exhibition Eye Try reflects a variety of ideas and visions that co-exist in contemporary art. Today, art is very heterogeneous. The Eye Try unites and synthesizes various artistic approaches, from classical (paintings, statues) to the latest
highly sophisticated technologies. Creative use of classical media is important for the enrichment of new media with subtle and tactile contents, and, at another extreme, with complex techno/logical contents. Eye Try is actually a reservoir of different artistic media which sometimes appear in interaction.
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Best wishes for a journey!
"Culture – this is what art is all about." A few years ago that was the slogan of one of the central Slovenian cultural institutions. Indeed: while speaking of culture we do not necessarily consider art, on the other hand we can not contemplate art without keeping culture in mind. Like in all other European
countries both are flurishing in Slovenia; even though the abundancy does not grow abundantly, culture and art have been until the independence in 1991 of the utmost importance to Slovenians, almost a crucial point of national identification.
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Ornamental motifs were a source of inspiration for the graphic layout of the international art exhibition of Slovene art and artists in Cork, Ireland.

Ivan Razboršek - ornamental artist
(1924 – 1998)
Born of Slovenian parents in the year 1924
in faraway Skopje. He and his brother knew Slovenia only through books and the tales told by their parents, deepening their love of the distant homeland and rich ethnic heritage. He started to collect anything he could find connected with Slovenia and its culture.
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