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Igor Stromajer (1967, Maribor) is an intimate mobile communicator, multimedia communication artist; he works as the institution The INTIMA Virtual Base, founded 1994 in Ljubljana. INTIMA is a noncommercial art label. Awards: Extension festival, Hamburg, Germany, 1997; for the project "0.HTML"; Trash ART festival, Moscow, Russia, 1999; for the project "ZVRST 3"; COMTECart 99 festival, Dresden, Germany, 1999; for the project "b.ALT.ica"

Intima (Igor Štromajer in Brane Zorman): "Dancing an illegal wireless roboballet in the kitchen of the Teatro alla S.cala represented a big conceptual and strategic challenge to the Intima Virtual Base, therefore the preparations have been taken serious, safety measures have been calculated, and the previous experience from the Bolsh.oi Theatre in Moscow has been very welcome."
Ballettikka Internettikka is an ongoing study of the internet guerrilla performance.

Intima Virtual Base - Igor Štromajer & Brane Zorman

Title: Ballettikka Internettikka - illegallikka robottikka

Technique: Mixed media

Year: 2001-2004

Dimensions: 5 mini TVs, with boxes 5 pieces, a 30 x 30 cm
1 DVD player
1 box with cables

Artwork: Media Installation


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