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is a continuously changing exhibition, displaying the artistic qualities of the new states of the expanded EU.
Part of Cork Civic Trust's contribution to Cork 2005 and hosted by the Cork Vision Centre at St Peter's, this project presents a year long programme of creative work that promotes cultural diversity within Europe and encourages new networks of artists and organisations.

The focus is on visual art, a key medium of embodied truth and a recurring source of every nation's creative pride. In 2005, Cork becomes the fulcrum around which the creative new nations of Europe rotate. The Cork Vision Centre at St Peter's becomes a kind of sitting room for Europe through this action in 2005.

We look forward to meeting you at Enlargement!

Founded in 1990, Cork Civic Trust is a not-for-profit voluntary organisation that draws its support from Cork City Council and the private sector. The aims of the Trust are to preserve and enhance the civic and architectural heritage of Cork, to raise public awareness of heritage issues and to encourage cultural and urban tourism through its management of the Cork Vision Centre at St Peter's.

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