Magdalena Pederin

Magdalena Pederin (1968, Split, Hrvaška) completed studies at the Academy of Fine arts in Zagreb. In her work she explores exclusively urban connotations of electronic arts.

Magdalena Pederin's enigmatic installation places the viewer in an aesthetic electronic continuum of ever changing numbers and letters. Using the 16 letters of the artist's name, the ASCI computer language is the device activated to create thousands of combinations – anagrams. This endless reiteration of sound and image, the letter puzzle of anagrammatic combinations, has been arrested here, stopped as if by pressing the "still" button, by placing a wooden cube in the space. Looking into it is like looking into a bottomless well.

Title: My name is an anagram

Technique: Mixed media (box)

Year: 2002

Dimensions: 50 x 100 x 100 cm
(h-w-d )

Artwork: Installation with projection and 5 channel surround sound

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