Matjaž Krivic
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Matjaž Krivic (1972, Ljubljana) The author has won recognition with numerous outstanding photos, which have appeared in all important printed media in Slovenia; he works for the French photo agency Sipa Press and for the Norwegian agency Millimeter Design. He has been awarded twice by The Royal Geografic Society, having been named as photographer of the year (2002 and 2003).

Matjaž Krivic is a master of emotionally charged portrait and landscape nomadic photography. His computer programmed multivision is a persuasive personal confession of a global vision. The author uses technology to upgrade individual photographs into a spectacle of images and music, which are sometimes reminiscent of post-hippie "love, peace and harmony" extasy of the Rainbow festival type, since the author vibrates with social as well as with all other living entities. He believes the love of global paradise is the highest emotional and esthetic virtue.

Title: Kaliyuga

Technique: DVD

Year: 2002-2004

Artwork: Multivison projection with sound

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