Intro (by Aleksandra Kostič)

The selection of works by Slovene artists at the exhibition Eye Try reflects a variety of ideas and visions that co-exist in contemporary art. Today, art is very heterogeneous. The Eye Try unites and synthesizes various artistic approaches, from classical (paintings, statues) to the latest highly sophisticated technologies. Creative
use of classical media is important for the enrichment of new media with subtle and tactile contents, and, at another extreme, with complex techno/logical contents. Eye Try is actually a reservoir of different artistic media which sometimes appear in interaction.

The paintings span from plastic representation to subtle organic abstract forms (Uršula Berlot, Natalija Šeruga, Marko Jakše, Andrej Brumen Čop). The material sculptural element ranges from simple classical statues on bases to enigmatic spacial installations (Boštjan Novak, Marko Črtanec and Magdalena Pederin). Classical intertwines with contemporary, individual with collective, unconciousness with conciousness, separate with social, local with global, urban with nomadic and the spectacular with the intimate (son:DA, Intima, Matjaž Krivic and Žiga Koritnik.) Every choice is based on one common denominator: artistic visualisation, a try by the eye. Yes, just as you would cover one eye and try to gaze longer and differently in one eye blink.

Aleksandra Kostič
Director of visual art program Kibela

The visual art program in Kibla has existed since 1996. Gallery Kibela, a space for art, was established in January 1999 and this year celebrated its sixth anniversary. During this time more than 100 exhibitions, events and performances of Slovene and international artists took place. Artists in the current exhibition were a part of a regular annual program of the Kibela 2002 - 2004.

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