Best wishes for a journey!

"Culture – this is what art is all about." A few years ago that was the slogan of one of the central Slovenian cultural institutions. Indeed: while speaking of culture we do not necessarily consider art, on the other hand we can not contemplate art without keeping culture in mind. Like in all other European countries both are flurishing in Slovenia;
even though the abundancy does not grow abundantly, culture and art have been until the independence in 1991 of the utmost importance to Slovenians, almost a crucial point of national identification. If art and culture have been nurturing Slovenians with much needed self esteem to provide them with the strength to survive as a nation (nevertheless the early scripts in Slovenian language are one of the oldest written monuments in Europe), now, with Slovenia joining the European Union, they have acquired another dimension: in the family of numerous and very different cultures, which are doing away with the rough geographical borders, they have become a clear point of identification even from abroad. Not only are they enriched by the colourful European cultural diversity, they too, small as they are, have the possibility to act as an integral part and to influence other European cultural milieus. As the most prominent Slovenian daily newspaper we are proud to contribute to the best of our ability at the presentation of our culture and art in this on-growing familiy of states, even more so because this year’s cultural capital, the Irish city of Cork, will be visited by a team of outstanding young artists. Not to forget the fact that a lot of them have been publicly introduced for the first time through the articles in our newspaper which considers cultural pages as one of its constitutive parts (in addition to politics, economy and sports) and daily edits articles with cultural content. We are well aware that in the contemporary world, when media have crucial influence on all other realities and pragmatic aspects, this should not be ignored. As long as proverbially ephemeral newspaper pages keep score of, present and try to contemplate this segment of social life, as in that which is everlasting or at least larger than human life, there is no fear of culture losing its character as one of the most basic needs of the individual.

Good luck!

Darijan Košir,
Editor in chief, Delo newspaper

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